Les meilleures vestes chauffante 2020

The best heated jackets 2020

The best heated jackets 2020

Oslo: the best heated coat 2020 !

Why equip yourself with a heated jacket?

When temperatures drop and turn negative, it becomes more and more difficult to work outdoors or in unheated places.

Often, sweaters, scarves and hats are not enough to warm you up after long hours of work spent outdoors.

Fortunately, tool brands have thought about the well-being and health of their users by designing battery-powered heated jackets with built-in resistors to keep you warm all winter long.

Thanks to this innovative technology, you will no longer need to stack layers of clothes to warm up.

Wear a heated jacket: protect your health!

When we are cold, we tend to contract our muscles more, which leads to stiffness in the spine and therefore an increase in pain and fatigue in the back at the end of the working day.

Equipped with a heated jacket, you guarantee better comfort, less fatigue and less risk of injury.

The main advantages of the heated jacket:

  • Of the heat throughout the day ;
  • better freedom of movement ;
  • Less fatigue during low temperatures;
  • Reduced risk of injury.

Note that the heated jacket can also be used for your outdoor recreation such as fishing, hunting, hiking or even your yard work!

How does a heated jacket work?

A heated jacket consists of a resistance system integrated inside the jacket and battery powered to offer its user a constant heat during its use.

The heat zones of the heated jacket are strategically placed to warm you up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

These heating zones are generally designed in carbon fiber in order to ensure better heat distribution.

Also, most heated jackets have a adjustment system allowing you toadjust the heat to your needs.

Finally, the heated jacket is usually powered by 12 V or 18 V battery. Depending on the power and capacity of the battery, your jacket will have a more or less long autonomy.

Most of them have a battery life from 5 to 8 hours to accompany you throughout your day.

What are the best battery heated jackets 2020?

Oslo and Helsinki: Unisex heated coats for work and play

The black and white premium heated jacket has 3 carbon fiber heating zones with 3 adjustment modes, offering a excellent heat distribution on the upper body.

His two pockets are also heated to keep your hands warm. Thanks to that resistant and waterproof material, the Oslo heated jacket protects you from cold, wind and rain.

A more feminine version of the coat exists and it is called Helsinki!

Here is a little video presentation!



You can find the Helsinki heating jacket here: https://www.thecoolmind.fr/products/smart-heating-jacket-helsinki

You can find the Oslo heating jacket: https://www.thecoolmind.fr/products/smart-heating-jacket

Montana: an efficient and comfortable heated jacket

Montana is aimed at a much larger audience with its design goes everywhere! This heated jacket has 5 heating zones (including on the arms!)

Resistant to rain and wind, this heated jacket with long sleeves is a powerful ally in the face of winter!

We recommend this jacket if you have to stay outside for several hours in the cold while remaining static! Conversely, if you wish to have greater mobility with your arms, we recommend the sleeveless version available here: https://www.thecoolmind.fr/collections/hommes/products/outdoor-heated-jacket-for-work

There is also a version for women called Colorado!

Doudoune chauffante

Montana heated puffer jacket

The little extra of the heated jacket? A hood !

You can find the Montana heated down jacket here: https://www.thecoolmind.fr/products/long-heating-jacket

You can find the Colorado heated puffer jacket here:https://www.thecoolmind.fr/products/long-sleeve-heating-jacket

The Cool Mind heated vest

To finish this selection the best heated jackets 2020, we present to you The Cool Mind Heated Vest!

This unique item can easily slip under your work clothes! With her warm fleece lining, it will also guarantee you better heat preservation.

The vest is 100% waterproof and is suitable for both men and women!

Gilet chauffant The Cool Mind

The Cool Mind heated vest


You can find The Cool Mind heated vest here: https://www.thecoolmind.fr/products/gilet-chauffant-the-cool-mind

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