Buying guide : Product comparison of the best heated jackets 2020

Buying guide : Product comparison of the best heated jackets 2020

Are you looking for an efficient, autonomous and resistant heating jacket, to be used on construction sites as well as for your leisure activities?

Our team has put together a complete buying guide for you on the best 2020 heating jackets.

Discover our selection of the best models of the year as well as our advice to choose the heating jacket adapted to your needs.

Why equip yourself with a heating jacket?

When temperatures drop to the negative, it becomes more and more difficult to work outdoors and in unheated places.

Sweaters, scarves and caps are often not enough to warm you up after long hours of work outdoors.

Fortunately, the largest textile companies have thought of the well-being and health of their users by designing heated jackets powered by batteries and integrating resistors to keep you warm throughout the winter.

Thanks to this innovative technology, you will no longer need to stack layers of clothing to keep warm.

What's more, by wearing a heated jacket, you protect your health!

Indeed, when we are cold, we tend to contract our muscles more, resulting in spinal rigidity and therefore increased pain and fatigue in the back at the end of the work day.

Equipped with a heated jacket, you will ensure greater comfort, less fatigue and less risk of injury!

The main advantages of the heated jacket:

  • Warmth throughout the day;
  • A better freedom of movement;
  • Less fatigue in low temperatures;
  • Reduces the risk of injury

Note that the heated jacket can also be used for your outdoor leisure activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking or even gardening!

How does a heating jacket work?

A heating jacket is made up of a system of resistors integrated inside the jacket and powered by an external battery to provide its user with constant heat during its use.

The heat zones of the heating jacket are strategically placed to warm you up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

These heating zones are generally made of carbon fiber to ensure better heat diffusion.

Most heated jackets are equipped with a system of adjustments allowing you to adjust the heat to your needs, and sometimes even modulate the intensity according to the zones of the jacket.

Finally, the heated jacket is usually powered by an external 12V or 18V battery. Depending on the power and capacity of the battery, your jacket will have a more or less long autonomy.

Most of them have an autonomy of 5 hours to 8 hours to accompany you throughout your day.

Before choosing a heated jacket, it is essential to determine the criteria to which it will have to correspond.

  • Do you work indoors or outdoors?
  • Are you often exposed to rain?
  • How many hours a day do you work in conditions requiring the use of a heating jacket?
  • Do you need or prefer a sleeveless jacket? 

All these criteria must be taken into account to be sure to find the heating jacket that will best meet your needs.

In fact, there are several types of warm jackets designed to adapt to different situations:

  • The thick and sturdy heating jacket to protect from cold, wind and rain ;
  • The thinner, but effective heating jacket;
  • The heated sweatshirt to protect from the cold while enjoying excellent freedom of movement;
  • The ideal sleeveless heated jacket for those who wish to have free arms and better mobility.

The Smart Windbreaker: the best heated jacket 2020!

After testing many heated jackets, our experts have chosen The Smart Windbreaker as the best heated jacket of the year 2020!

Although its predecessor, Milwaukee, was the brand that innovated the most in terms of heated clothing, offering models that are always more ergonomic, efficient, resistant and autonomous.

Today, it is bowing down to a formidable opponent: The Smart Windbreaker.

The Smart Windbreaker surpasses the latter with its state-of-the-art materials and offers unbeatable comfort! Moreover, this model offers a very attractive quality/price ratio!

The premium heated jacket The Smart Windbreaker has 5 carbon fiber heating zones with 3 adjustment modes, offering an excellent distribution of heat over the upper body.

With its warm fleece lining, it guarantees the best heat retention.

Oslo and Helsinki: The coat of the future

For the second position in this ranking, our experts chose the Oslo and Helsinki coats.

Slightly thinner than the previous model, but just as resistant Oslo and Helsinki are also equipped with 3 carbon fiber heating zones with 3 adjustment modes, arranged to ensure optimal heat distribution over the entire body (back, shoulders, chest).

Practical and sturdy, its heating coats have been manufactured using Graphene technology and can be easily washed in the washing machine.

But that's not all ...

Oslo and Helsinki stand out thanks to their unique options that you won't find in any other competitor!

These little gems of technology have been designed with a wide range of options that will bluff you!

Here are some important advantages of this new range:

  • Integrated gloves
  • 100% waterproof and windproof;
  • Hood with widened edges;
  • Sleeve with velcro closure;
  • Lining with windstopper technology (wind under the coat is over!) ;
  • Easy access pocket;
  • Compartments suitable for keys;
  • Recharge your electronic devices;
  • Anti-theft compartment for your cell phone;
  • And above all, an optimal thermal regulation system!

Nevertheless, Oslo and Helsinki are not for everyone, indeed their price is much higher than The Smart Windbreaker

Count about 250 to 300 euros depending on the store BUT we are lucky to be able to offer it to you at a much more attractive price thanks to our exclusive supplier partners!

If you are often confronted with cold weather then it might be wise to consider adopting the jacket of the future! Otherwise, The Smart Windbreaker might just as well suit you! 

You can find Oslo and Helsinki directly on our homepage! !

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