Heated Jacket FUJI


A heated, resistant coat with an elegant design! 

The Cool Mind heated coat

The heating jacket with a sober design to put an end to the cold!

Made from a micro-carbon fiber and spandex alloy, The Cool Mind heated jacket will protect you from the cold and the rain!


  • 2 large zip pockets;
  • 1 zipper with Zip;
  • 1 power supply module;
  • 1 adjustment cord;
  • 5 heat zones;
  • Made in a ULTRA material resistant ;
  • Comfortable lining;
  • Simple design;

Stop spending your energy fighting the cold!

Made from micro-carbon fibers, The Cool Mind heated down jackets will become your best ally this winter.

Wear heated clothing: protect your health!

This is because when we are cold, we tend to contract our muscles more, which leads to stiffness in the spine and therefore increased pain and fatigue in the back at the end of the working day.

Equipped with a heated jacket, you guarantee better comfort, less fatigue and less risk of injury.

The key advantages of a heating jacket:

  • Being able to fight the cold when you are static;
  • Heat all day long;
  • Reduces the risk of getting sick;
  • Less fatigue during low temperatures;
  • Lower risk of injury.

Note that the heated clothing can also be used for your outdoor leisure activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking or even your gardening work!

How does a heated jacket work?

A heated coat is composed of a system of resistors integrated inside the jacket and powered by battery to provide the user with constant warmth during use.

The heat zones of the heated jacket are strategically placed to warm you up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

These heating zones are designed in carbon fiber to ensure better heat distribution.

The TCM Heated Jacket 

The TCM heating jacket has 5 heating zones (including on the arms!)

zones chauffante technologie the cool mind manteau chauffant tamere clothing

Waterproof and windproof, the heated jacket will offer you more protection than an ordinary jacket against the wind!

Why choose us ?

Unlike our competitors, we work directly with the competent factories that produce the best heated jackets to the world. 

All our heated jackets are equipped with the latest heating technologies, allowing you to warm up safely !

We put a point of honor on the quality of our products.

Buy your TCM Heated Jacket in safety!

All our payments are secured by SSL encryption, it is also possible to use the platform Paypal even if you don't have an account!

Our payment system is simple and intuitive, you just have to click on "Add to Cart" and "Proceed to Payment".

Finalize the procedure by indicating your delivery address before the offer expires!

manteau chauffant the cool mindveste chauffante vêtement chauffant


Unique Guarantee!

You are afraid of the product quality?

We undertake to exchange the product or to take it back from you and reimburse you if you are not satisfied with the quality!

All our products are guaranteed for 1 year and certified to CE standard!


Manteau chauffant The Cool Mind heated vest heated cloth tamere clothing

Size Table

doudoune chauffante manteau the cool mind everest veste chauffante vetement chauffant TCMveste homme classe marron chaude cuir biker tendance 2021 The cool mind tamere clothing vest men cuir leather
    Size M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL
    Length (cm) 64 66 68 70 72 74
    Bust (cm) 49,5 51,5 53,5 55,5 57,5 59,5
    Sleeve Length (cm) 61 62 64
    Shoulder (cm) 44
    45,5 47 48,5 50 51,5


    Delivery delay

    France: We deliver between 5 to 12 days in METROPOLITAN FRANCE!

    Europe: We deliver between 10 to 18 days throughout Europe!

    USA-CANADA: We deliver between 10 to 18 days!

    COVID Update: Our deliveries may be a week late!

    Instructions heated jackets onlyt)

    1. Remove the USB plug

    2. Connect the 2A external battery to the heated jacket through the USB portSB

    3. Press the external battery if necessary

    4. Long press the temperature control switch located at chest level for 2 seconds

    5. Red light will flash automatically for auto heat mode.

    6. After flashing for 5 minutes, the red light will automatically turn to white light.

    The temperature control can be adjusted manually.

    Manual temperature control adjustment is divided into three modes:

    • Blue Light: Low temperature 25 degrees Celsiuss)
    • White or Green Light: average temperature 35 degrees Celsius)
    • Red light: Strong temperature 45 degrees Celsiuss)

    7. Press and hold the breast temperature control switch for 2 seconds to stop heating.

    Washing instructions

    Take out the power bank before washing the heated jacket or heated vest before putting it in the washing machine! However, we recommend hand washing.