Warm Gloves Black



With the Warm Black winter gloves, you will no longer feel the cold of the snow.

Warm Black winter gloves

Warm and quality winter gloves! 

Made in a thickened velor cover of superior quality, Warm Black winter gloves are thick and warm!

The palm of a non-slip waterproof polymer, light and breathable, allowing you to use your smartphone without taking the risk of dropping it!

Also equipped with ShellPoint Technology you can touch the screen of your smartphone or tablet without needing to remove your gloves in cold weather.

Prevents frostbite of the hands

The premium warm lining will keep your hands warm, the mWindbreaker and its adjustable beam port will allow you to face the wind and the rain without any problem!

Warm Black Gloves are 100% waterproof and windproof. 

Suitable for outdoor sports such as hiking, outdoor sports skiing, alpine skiing, mountaineering and other outdoor adventures.

Why choose The Cool Mind?

Unlike our competitors, we work directly with the competent factories that produce the best heated clothing to the world. 

Our partnerships allow us to offer you the best products of the moment at the best prices!

We put a point of honor on the quality of our products.

Buy your pair of Warm Black gloves for the winter in safety!

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Our customers speak for us!

Here is an excerpt from our customer reviews collected after their purchase, you will find that the product works for a lot of people
"Galaxy Gloves are gorgeous and keep you perfectly warm!" Maxime T
"The size is correct and the gloves are really waterproof, I recommend!" Leo b
"My children can play in the snow with the gloves on without having their hands frozen!" Diana m

Unique Guarantee!

You are afraid of the product quality?

With The Cool Mind guarantees, noWe undertake to exchange the product or to take it back from you and reimburse you if you are not satisfied with the quality!

Unique offer!

For the purchase of two pairs of gloves from the Warm Winter collection, we offer free delivery!
All our products are guaranteed for 1 year and certified to CE standard!

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Size chart

 Cut Palm Width Recommendation


10 CM Suitable for 15 years old children or small female hands 
M 10.5CM Suitable for young women
L 11 CM Suitable for young men
XL 11.5CM Suitable for adults with large hands

Delivery delay

France: We deliver between 5 to 12 days in METROPOLITAN FRANCE!

Europe: We deliver between 10 to 18 days throughout Europe!

USA-CANADA: We deliver between 10 to 18 days!

COVID Update: Our deliveries may be a week late!

Instructions heated jackets onlyt)

1. Remove the USB plug

2. Connect the 2A external battery to the heated jacket through the USB portSB

3. Press the external battery if necessary

4. Long press the temperature control switch located at chest level for 2 seconds

5. Red light will flash automatically for auto heat mode.

6. After flashing for 5 minutes, the red light will automatically turn to white light.

The temperature control can be adjusted manually.

Manual temperature control adjustment is divided into three modes:

  • Blue Light: Low temperature 25 degrees Celsiuss)
  • White or Green Light: average temperature 35 degrees Celsius)
  • Red light: Strong temperature 45 degrees Celsiuss)

7. Press and hold the breast temperature control switch for 2 seconds to stop heating.

Washing instructions

Take out the power bank before washing the heated jacket or heated vest before putting it in the washing machine! However, we recommend hand washing.